E-Freight Solution

As time passed, we began to notice that, in the e-commerce sector of supply chain logistics, there remained much room for improvement. The next step for us was to create a separate division dedicated to establishing a booking platform called 'Foxloader', one which can be integrated into any importer's website to co-load commodities and pool freight.

Our logistics service is a neutral system that consolidates LCL's (less than a container load) to reduce wasted transits. We search for shippers and consignees to pool cargo, to maximise use of container space and to create efficient commodity transactions from the Indian subcontinent. By consolidating the freight of various importers, we can create a dynamic and economical transit through co-loading cargo travelling to the same destination. Consolidating larger cargo volumes can give us the ability to choose rail terminals instead of dry vans, thus reducing emissions. Foxloader enables us to track this in real-time and give you an account balance for your emissions. By registering with Foxloader, you become a part of the green logistics movement, establishing a more efficient and transparent supply chain.

smart logistics made easy

With weekly traffic from Asia into Europe, we facilitate cargo transit that moves directly into Switzerland and Germany. Weather you are in France, Italy, Austria or the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark or Finland we can offer delivery to your required postal code if your consignments are above 1.5CBM or more than 300KGS by air. With a separate and dedicated division named FOXLOADER, we provide a flourishing platform that grows with your needs. By communicating at both ends of the supply chain, it recognizes your requirements and uses machine learning to optimize effective solutions to find the most cost-efficient route. This only works because logistics is our core focus. With a growing network of service providers, through addressing a constantly changing market and by embracing the ever increasing competition, we are at the forefront of change when it comes to sea and land route innovation with combined transportation. Aspiring to find not just the fastest route but also the one with the least emissions, to us it is not only about the products and services we provide but a more profound dream of shaping the future of international trading and supply chains. Due to the emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, distributed ledger and maglev vacuum tubes, choosing our service is not only for the benefit of becoming more eco-friendly, but you are investing in the micro financing of the future of modern transportation.