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inland haulage

The Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited is an entity run by the ministry of railways. It projects an increase in railway traffic by 2018, and faces various issues such as container availability at rail terminals and ICD infrastructures, this is because they are not being used efficiently. Freight moving to ports that harbour mother vessels are pooled through these corridors, dry van emissions can therefore be largely reduced by 2025. One of our core aims is to neutrally and precisely co-load these consignments and consolidate them into containers moving to the same destination. To apply these trade strategies we have created an LCL consolidating agent we call Foxloader. Foxloader's final goal is to reduce all emissions from seed to shelf to ZERO. With ever an changing industry, and newly created land routes we are at the forfront of emerging alternatives for land transportation, giving you an edge when it comes to quality service and better transit times.